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LEKATJE (Single Phase)

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Lekatje is a revolutionary product produce through a propriety innovative process utilizing a natural propriety intelligent substance impregnated onto a normal paper. Through the process, it changes the chemical properties of the paper.

The unique chemical reaction of the intelligent substance in the paper when stick on to electrical load point, such distribution box, extension socket, air condition switch, plug top and electrical meters. It helps to improve the electrical efficiency in the circuit. Experimental testing done at research center in one of the local University (Malaysia) , it has proven to reduce the total active energy, whereby reduces the power consumption (energy demand) , which can be translated in energy saving. Actual environment test has been done to various type of residential for a year, the result of the test has shown some significant reduction in monthly electrical bill.

The reduction varies depending on type of house, age, appliances used and other factors. With the simple application of Lekatje, without any complicated installation and no maintenance required, just peel off and stick it onto the recommended load point, and the pricing of Lekatje, it is a no brainer to people who know the value of the product. Lekatje is a green economical solution to save and conserve energy and Lets together save and conserve energy and play a little meaningful contribution toward reducing carbon footprint for a better environment.

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